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Jim van Hulst has worked in several leadership functions at EY, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, and Johnson Controls International. His positions have included Director Talent Management, Global Head Professional Development, and Global Learning Technology Leader. Jim has an MSc. in Learning Technology from the University of Sheffield and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Arnhem/Nijmegen. He also holds a diploma in Business Management and Leadership from the Rotterdam School of Management, and he completed his MBA in 2020 from MSM, The Netherlands. He is a frequently asked speaker and author of numerous articles. Jim founded Jignite recently in 2021.

Jim van Hulst, owner Jignite

Evidence based research

When I am delivering change programs, I always like to use evidence-based research. Not to overwhelm delegates but to provide clarity on what works and what does not work. As you may know, I am a Prosci© certified practitioner, and I use this methodology already for many years.

We change companies for a reason. It can be internal, e.g. efficiency gained or external, e.g. market share gained. It can also be a trigger, e.g. a new strategic plan for the company or a goal, decrease risk exposure. There are hundreds of reasons to change, but they all fit into four quadrants:

  • Internal & External
  • Trigger & goal

One of the new parts I ran into is research on the current state, the transition state and the future state shared in the Prosci webinar I attended yesterday. I created the table below to show you this Prosci research. I limited myself here  to just five researchers, although Prosci indicated eight researchers in their webinar.

Change management research

I always preferred in the past to use the terms current, transition, and future states in my programs; now I will also add the color coding from Salerno and Brock to visualize the various stages and make these more apparent to my audiences. Small evidence, small impact, I know,  but it may help delegates. Every change, how incremental it may be, whenever it helps your audience you can adjust the existing program, help your delegates, and do it the right way.

Source: Prosci 5 Tenets of Change Management webinar, delivered February 10, 2021.

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