It is time for the Holliday Season!

Jim van Hulst has worked in several leadership functions at EY, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, and Johnson Controls International. His positions have included Director Talent Management, Global Head Professional Development, and Global Learning Technology Leader. Jim has an MSc. in Learning Technology from the University of Sheffield and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Arnhem/Nijmegen. He also holds a diploma in Business Management and Leadership from the Rotterdam School of Management, and he completed his MBA in 2020 from MSM, The Netherlands. He is a frequently asked speaker and author of numerous articles. Jim founded Jignite recently in 2021.

Jim van Hulst, owner Jignite

It is the time of the year again.

 How was 2022? I had a fantastic succefull year. Thanks to many people involved. At the end of the year, I always like to reflect on the year and ask myself what I will stop, start, or continue to do. So with  a few words online in this blog I would like to share that with you.


I will stop saying yes to assignments I do not have time for. It will hurt my other clients as I cannot focus on the details of my other assignments. I will also try to stop with too many sweet cookies, cakes, pastries and other tasty things, but bad for your health.


I will continue to care about the classes for which I am a teacher; even though it takes way more time than I expected, it is worthwhile, and it is always wonderful to see your classes graduate. I will also continue with my harsh regime of sports. Running, karate and high Impact training dictate my morning and evening routine six days a week.

What we also continue this year is the belief of sharing is caring. Therefore we made two substantial donations to charity. First the international foundation from my good friend Nick van Dam. Second is the Dutch charity Jarige Job (for children from parents who do not have the funding to present their children with a birthday gift).


I will start by attending more L&D events and visiting friends. It was a crazy busy year; fortunately, I could work full-time for clients. For that, I am lucky and very grateful.

In closing

I am also grateful for my health and sponsorship from clients, family and friends in 2022. Therefore, a big thank you to all viewers who want to see how I am doing or are just curious. Enjoy the animation below and have a wonderful Holliday Season. Hope to see you back in 2023!

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